How to Overcome Struggles in Life

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Hello Michael,

How you handle struggles in life can either make you or break you …

Don’t let them break you !

Here is some awesome wisdom about how to overcome struggles in life. Click to watch this short video lesson.

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Tiffaney Malott shares four pieces of wisdom during the Women’s Panel at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2016.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself – You are not doing yourself any good by throwing a pity party.


Embrace the pain – You have to go through the pain, you can’t go around it. But a better you is waiting on the other side.


Don’t compare – Comparison is the thief of all joy. Those people you think are better than you, have the same struggles you do.


Get excited – Be excited not only about where you’re going, but also where you are right now. You are the creator of your story, and the world is going to see who you are.



How to Overcome Struggles in Life


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